Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuamotu Atoll Survival: Segments 2 & 3

We're finally settled into Australia, and that means a strong and stable internet connection. So I have uploaded the remaining segments of the Tuamotu Atoll Survival series.


Le Loup said...

Good one, and welcome back.
Regards, Le Loup.
New England NSW.

Jrad said...

oo000hhhh!! Owen, thats great! I JUST drank one of those last night. Except I pad $3.50 cents for mine at the Grocery Sto.

All that husk is a prime fiber source too...you can make gnarly ropes, nets, and mats from it.

Also, I've heard that the 'water' in the coconut is quite a bit more powerful then just water.

Supposedly it's packed almost as tightly with electrolytes & soluble salts as human blood plasma.

Meaning that it's probably some 5x or 10x more effective at rehydration then drinking straight water.

Suzi and I are going to Rabbitstick in September! I miss you & look forward to seeing you in the future.